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Name:(I Like A Little) Science In My Fiction
Website:Science In My Fiction - the official blog
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Community description:Promoting the use of emerging science in speculative fiction
Welcome to
Science In My Fiction

The purpose of the Science in My Fiction blog is to get science fiction and fantasy writers and fans thinking ahead of science again. Playful bloggers will take a look at recent scientific developments and extrapolate potential futures from them. SiMF will update Mondays and Fridays (for now; possibly more in the future).

This is a fight for survival of the fiction. It’s time to seize culture and do science to it!

Blog | Why SciInMyFi? | How to submit to Science In My Fiction | Original Contest Winners

The blog is technically on the website, but gets automatically copied here. This community will also get announcements, new challenges & contests, etc. We also encourage discussions and comments about current and past monthly stories, and suggestions on how to make this community more appealing.

Community Rules

You're welcome to post questions here, of course, as well as discussions about the blog, and the stories; however, if you're going to be giving away spoilers, please put them behind an LJ cut and label them. Our writers and artists would like to hear what you have to say! (Criticism is fine and even encouraged, but please keep everything civil.)

Do NOT post advertisements or links to other communities/blogs to [community profile] sciinmyfi. If you have a writing or SF/F/H-related group or site you want to share, email us and ask. Posts that haven't been approved with advertisements or unrelated links/comms/blogs will be deleted without notice and the poster will be banned.

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